The Best 1 Person Camping Tents Reviewed in Australia

Premium Choice

MSR Hubba NX 1 Person Tent Front

MSR Hubba NX 1 Tent​​


Our Choice

Oztrail Nomad 1 Lightweight Hiking Tent

Oztrail Nomad 1 Lightweight Hiking Tent​


Best Value

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Person Tent With Fly

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent​


Spending time in the outdoors gives a person a sense of peace. This might be a reason why a lot of people enjoy hanging out in camp sites and beaches.

Now if you are an outdoor person, you’ll need something that will fit your needs. One need is naturally a shelter, and that would be you tent.

If you either you prefer to go camping alone or hang out with friends, I would suggest getting a 1 person tent.

Quick 1 Person Tent Comparisons

Oztrail Nomad 1 Lightweight Hiking Tent

Oztrail Nomad 1 Lightweight Hiking Tent



Zempire Mono 1 Person Adventure Tent Front

Zempire Mono 1 Person Adventure Hiking Tent



Nemo Hornet 2 Person Hiking Tent No Fly Cover

Nemo Hornet Ultralight Backpacking Tent



ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Person Tent With Fly

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent



MSR Hubba NX 1 Person Tent Front

MSR Hubba NX 1 Tent​



Our Review Of The 5 Best Single Person Tents

1. Oztrail Nomad 1 Lightweight Hiking Tent​

The Oztrail Nomad 1 Lightweight Hiking Tent is great for minimalist adventure junkies out there. It has a unique and simple design.

This tent only weighs 1.75 kg and has a compact bag which makes traveling light and breezy.

The setup is pretty easy as well. Setting up doesn’t even take 5 minutes.

Its short section fiberglass poles fits through the sleeve poles. Just peg the ends of the tent and you are done.

It has a full coverage waterproof fly that keeps you nice and dry during wet season and you can open up the tent during dry season to enjoy a bit of a breeze.

The walls are made of no-see-um mesh which means you can get enough air in the tent without the tiny bugs getting in. This is also great when you want to stargaze from inside the tent.

If you need to keep the fly on, no need to worry as there are vents that can help with the air flow.

The Oztrail Nomad 1 Lightweight tent can handle tough conditions. The floor and walls are fully steam sealed to keep you safe and dry inside.

The tent is budget friendly. It’s one of the more affordable tents in the market.


  • Design – the no-fuss design is great for minimalists who want to camp outdoor.
  • Spacious – there is so much space in the tent you can even put your backpack inside. You won’t have a problem if you’re tall because the interior space is 230 cm long.
  • Affordable – this 1 person is a great value for your money. It’s durable and light.


  • Small vestibule – the vestibule space is a bit small but it’s alright. There’s enough space for your back pack inside

2. Zempire Mono 1 Person Adventure Hiking Tent

It’s a one pole setup. You can click on the clips to secure the tent and plant in the pegs on the ground and you’re all done.

The Zempire Mono 1 Person Adventure Hiking Tent has full mesh walls and a single mesh door.  The mesh door has its own pocket. There are also storage pockets in the tent to keep your things organized.

You can leave your bag and boots outside the vestibule and not worry that it will get wet. There’s even more space to put another pack in there.

The fly sheet material is made of durable waterproof fabric. It can handle wet environment so you can bring it along even during rainy season. The floors is also waterproof with steam sealed sides to make sure no water creeps in while you’re asleep.


  • Fast setup – this tent is ideal for adventurers who want everything fast. There’s no hassle with the setup with the single pole and clips.
  • Full coverage –made of high quality materials. You can definitely take this tent along extreme adventures.
  • Storage – the vestibule space and the storage pockets make sure you have enough space to lie down and relax inside the tent.


  • Price – the price is a bit costly for a 1 person tent.
  • Not enough head space – this 1 person tent is not ideal for tall people. If you’re 180 cm up, this tent might be a tight space for you.

3. Nemo Hornet Ultralight Backpacking Tent

The Nemo Hornet Ultralight Backpacking Tent is another great 1 person tent. Weighing only 905 g, you will barely feel the tent in your pack. This is great to bring along bike trips since you need to pack light.

The stuff sack is dual use. You can either pack the tent and pole together or separate them and adjust the bag to make it smaller.

The mersh walls help a lot with the tent ventilation and the mesh at the sides are white to add a bit of privacy for you.

Also there a several storage pockets in the tent that’s great to store your small items. There is a storage pocket near the tent’s ceiling where you can put your head lamp in to provide indoor light.

Check out this video for a review on the Nemo Hornet 1 Person tent:


  • Ultra-light tent – This tent only weighs at 907 grams which means you’ll barely even feel its weight.
  • Easy setup – Using a single pole system, setting up this tent will be quick and easy.
  • Storage – The gear storage pockets are a great place to keep your personal belongings. The big items can be placed at the vestibule area.


  • Expensive –The Nemo Hornet Ultralight Backpacking is a great tent, but comes at a cost.
  • • Not tolerant of windy conditions – Because the tent is made of light materials, there is a tendency for it to wobble if you’re setting up in a windy place.

4. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent came from one the popular and trusted tent brands in Australia.

This tent weighs at 1.5 kg so it is light weight and compact to bring along to your outdoor adventures.

You can easily bring it along when you’re on an interstate bike ride or camping trip. It  also wouldn’t be too strenuous if you plan to take it with you on hikes.

The setup is easy. The pole-clip system is so easy even kids can do it in less than 10 minutes.

This is a 3 season tent so you can bring it to the coast or in the national parks of Australia. This could be a great beach tent as it offers a lot of ventilation.

The tent is nice and airy so you won’t feel too hot while you sleep at night.

 I like the side door feature. It makes it easier to get in and out of the tent. No need to crawl around.


  • Light Weight - This tent is great for travelers because it is light and compact to carry everywhere.
  • Easy Setup – This tent is great for travelers because it is light and compact to carry everywhere.
  • Affordable – No need to worry about it getting too hot in the tent, as the mesh walls will provide great ventilation around the tent especially during warmer weather.


  • Cramped – If you are a taller than 180cm, you might feel a bit cramped in the tent.
  • Not ideal for cold weather - This tent can handle the sunny side of Australia but it doesn’t handle the cold that well. The cold winds can sometimes get through the fly and can make your stay a bit uncomfortable.

5. MSR Hubba NX 1 Tent

The MSR Hubba NX 1 Tent has a really great design. The tent is fully symmetrical which allows you to sleep either way in the tent.

Another great thing about this tent is that it weights in at only weighs 1.3 kg.

For a 1 person tent, it is quite spacious. Because of the symmetrical design, you have more room for yourself and your belongings. You can store your big items at the vestibule or you can keep them inside

It has mesh for all around the tent for ventilation. The fly has one vent on one side and a vestibule on the other.

The tent can withstand strong winds although the walls can wobble a bit if you don’t adequately secure them with the guy lines.

High tub-like floor design ensures that water or little animals don’t find their way in to the tent.

The tent is made of high quality materials. One of which is that it has a Xtreme Shield Waterproof coating, that last 3 times longer than standard waterproof fabric.

The MSR Hubba NX 1 Tent is built to handle extreme weather so is the perfect tent to bring along if you plan to travel throughout the country.

For the price, you might cringe a little. It’s a pretty expensive tent. It has a lot of features and since it’s recently released we won’t be holding our breath for any big discounts soon.


  • Design – the overall design of the tent is great. It balances functionality, practicality and aesthetics.
  • All season – you can take this tent to the coast and enjoy the beach as well as camping in the national parks.
  • Light weight – at 1.3 kg, you know it won’t be any trouble to take along on your trips.


  • Expensive – this is by far the most expensive 1 person tent i reviewed. This is a fairly new model which does help justify the cost.
  • Footprint not included - you’ll have to purchase the footprint separately and i recommend that you get one for an added layer of protection.

Things To Consider When Buying A Tent For One Person

A tent is an essential item for a person whether they’re a hardcore hiker or just a casual camper. Your tent is your shelter while you are outdoors.  This protects you from the elements as well as giving you enough privacy for yourself.

Tents aren’t necessarily for just for hiking, you can even use them while you’re out on a barbeque at a park. Some people use tents when they’re attending conventions or music festivals. There’s no need for them to pay for a hotel room! It’s safe to say that tents can be a great temporary home.

Now Let’s talk about the advantages of a 1 Person tent.

Light Weight

One of the great things of a 1 Person tent is it is way lighter than other tents. Since it only accommodates on person, fewer materials are used than an average tent.

Typically a 1 person tent only weighs 1.5 kg. Its packing size is very compact that it can free up a lot of space for you.

Also if you’re on bike trip around the state, a 1 person is a great item to bring along your trips. It’s light and compact, it won’t hinder you when you’re out and about.

If you are on a long hike, bringing along a 1 person tent will keep you from getting tired easily. When you’re carrying a heavy backpack the more tired you will get. So not only do you save weight, you save energy too.


A 1 Person tent doesn’t necessarily mean that you travel by yourself. You can still go out with a group and enjoy their company. But when it’s time to go to turn the lights off, you can retreat to your tent and savor some peace and solitude.

There’s no need to argue with your companion to move to their side of the tent nor the disturbance of someone coming in and out.  You can do whatever you want in the tent without causing conflict because you are all by yourself!

Easy Assembly

Since 1 Person tents are a lot smaller, they are made to be pitched a lot easier. Assembling the tent can only takes 5-8 minutes.

They usually have 1-2 poles included and most of them are corded. Other tents and poles are color coded that will help you set up faster.  Pole sleeves and speed clips add to a quick assembly.

There are some 1 person tents that are made to be freestanding so you won’t need to bring extra items when you set it up. You may bring extra lines and pegs if you want. That would depend on where you’re heading to but if you’re just going to the beach or in camp sites, all you need to bring is your tent pack.


Just because the 1 Person tent is made of lighter materials doesn’t mean it’s made with low quality products. In fact, often you pay extra for the lighter, yet sturdy materials.

Most single person tents are made to handle any weather condition so it’s fine to take your tent to the beach and then to the country side the next month. If you get a 4 season tent you can even bring it to South of Australia if you want to experience a bit of snow.

There are other tents available that have double walls to ensure you are protected from the elements inside but have enough airflow to keep you comfortable.


Even thought it’s labelled as a 1 person tent, they can be spacious enough to fit you even if you’re quite tall.

A 1 person tent usually has storage pockets inside to put your small items in. Vestibule spaces are large enough to accommodate your bigger stuff like bags and shoes.

As the name suggest, it’s a 1 person tent, meaning 1 person allowed! While you’re in your tent, you might say there’s enough space for another person! So you invite someone in and both you of you end up too cramped in the tent. So let’s keep the population in the tent just 1, okay?


A 1 person tent is often quite a bit easier on the wallet than a 2 person tent because it saves more space. So even if you’re a first time backpacker or a seasoned hiker, opting to buy a 1 person tent is more practical than larger sized tents. However, if you often go on trips with someone, I suggest that you upgrade to a bigger tent.

Our Pick

Oztrail Nomad 1 Lightweight Hiking Tent

Oztrail Nomad 1 Lightweight Hiking Tent



So whether you decide to be a solo traveler or not, getting a 1 Person tent can be a great help in your trips. They are light weight and easy to pack. They also do a great job protecting you from the elements.

From the 5 tents that we have reviewed, I like the The Oztrail Nomad 1 Lightweight Hiking Tent the most.

It ticks all of the boxes of a great 1 person tent for me. I would say that 1.75 kg is not the lightest of them all but the simple and proven design is appreciated.

The full coverage fly gives you confidence of staying dry inside the tent while the ventilation keeps the tent airy.

We’ve covered a great batch of 1 person tents today and I can pick out great features from them as well.

I hope I was able to share some information to you about the best 1 person tents in Australia.

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