The 5 Best Instant Pop Up Tents In Australia

Our Choice

Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent Australia

Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent


Best Value

Coleman 2-Person Pop Up Tent Australia With Fly

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent​


Camping is one of my favorite outdoor activities. Being with nature helps me de-stress and recharge before going back to the city. All you need is to pack a few things to make sure that your escape from the city is worth it.

One of your most essential camping gear is your tent. This serves as your temporary home and should be good enough to keep you comfortable while you’re staying outdoors.

For some people pitching up their tents can be laborious. But thanks to innovations in design, pop up tents have become a trend in camping culture and in most situations are every bit as viable as other camping setups.

Quick Pop Up Tent Comparisons

Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent Australia

Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent



OZtrail Blitz 2 Eco Dome Pop Up Tent

OZtrail Blitz 2 Eco Dome Tent



Caribee Get Up 3 Person Instant Pop Up Tent Australia

Caribee Get Up 3-Person Instant Pop-Up Tent



Coleman 2-Person Pop Up Tent Australia With Fly

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent



Malamoo Cicara 1.0 Pop Up Tent Australia

Malamoo Cicara 1.0 Pop Up Tent



Our Review Of The 5 Best Pop Up Tents

1. Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent

The Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent gets its name from the tent’s blackout wall feature. The black polyester walls and fly sheet helps block out the sun allowing the interior to stay cool. This tent is great for campers who wants to sleep in past the sunrise.

Another feature for this tent is that it comes with installed lighting system. The tent can get pretty dark inside so it’s good to know that the manufacturers added interior lights.

For the setup, you just need to unzip the tent and it will gradually pop itself up. This tent is on the larger side for a pop up tent and can accommodate up to 3 people inside. Once it has unfolded to its full size, just peg the tent down so the wind doesn’t blow it away.

The tent is waterproof and durable. The floor is made of durable Nylon 2000mm waterproof polyester and the outer sheet also is waterproof with fully taped seams. There’s no problem with ventilation inside as there are several mesh panels. 

I’d be comfortable bringing this tent along to easy hiking trips where the weather is mostly predictable.

Take a look at the video below to see what other features the Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent has to offer:


  • Weatherproof – This tent can be brought along hikes as the materials used for it are heavy duty materials. The waterproof fabric can keep you dry inside despite of strong rains.
  • Lighting system – The integrated lighting systems means you don’t need to carry along a lamp when you go on a trip. That saves you space for other things to bring.
  • Blackout feature - The blackout feature to keep the tent from getting too warm in the middle of a hot day and gives you more reason to sleep in late in the morning.


  • Space – I would say it’s possible to get cramped inside if 3 people will be using the tent. There should only be a maximum of 2 people inside the tent to make sure everyone has a great sleep.

2. OZtrail Blitz 2 Eco Dome Tent

The OZtrail Blitz 2 Eco Dome Tent is the perfect tent for entry level campers or just as a backyard tent for your kids.

The tent is lightweight and can be set up within seconds. Just release the tent from the bands for it to spring up assemble itself. If you have kids around please tell them keep away until the tent has expanded. We wouldn’t want it to hit anyone.

There are 2 D-shaped doors at both sides of the tent. There is a mesh window so you can let the breeze flow through on warmer days. No need to worry about the creepy crawlies getting in the tent as the window and doors have mesh panels to keep them out.

The walls have storage pockets so you’ll have a place to put your small belongings in. 

The Oztrail Blitz 2 Eco Dome Tent has the fly sheet included in the tent’s structure so there’s less things to carry along during your trip.

The Oztrail Blitz 2 Eco Dome Tent comes in 2 colours: Grey and Yellow.


  • Easy setup and pack up – The easy setup makes this a great tent for kids to bring along to their next camping trip. The pack up is simple as you just need to follow the colour coded straps to pack up.
  • Easy access – The 2 D-shaped doors in the tent gives allows multiple access in the tent.
  • Low cost - this tent is a great value for your money especially for entry level campers.


  • Curve floor - You need to secure this tent to the ground with strong pegs because it doesn’t set flat on the ground.
  • Head space - It’s a bit cramped inside the tent. So if you are tall, I would suggest bumping up to the larger size Oztrail tents.

3. Caribee Get Up 3-Person Instant Pop Up Tent

The Caribee Get Up 3-Person Instant Pop-Up Tent is made for the seasoned camper.

This pop-up tent can handle the cold Southern climate because of its double walls. The walls are made of waterproof polyester and the seams are heavily taped to keep water from leaking inside the tent.

The tent unfolds easily and pops up quickly – you’ll be done setting up your tent in less than 3 minutes.

The Caribee Get Up also has multiple ventilation ports so you won’t build up moisture in the tent. There are additional mesh vents inside which also allows enough air to flow inside.

The Caribee Get Up 3-Person Pop Up tent is spacious enough for 3 people. There is a vestibule space so you can store your dirty gear there without getting it all over the floor.

It comes with a pack bag with shoulder straps for easier transport. The Caribee Get up 3-Person Instant Popup is a great value for your money as it can handle some more unpredictable weather patterns.


  • Seasoned tent – This pop up tent is not only limited to city camping but you can bring this along serious hikes because of the heavy duty material it’s made from.
  • Spacious – The Caribee get up tent has more than enough room for 3 campers. You won’t have a problem where to put your bags as there is a vestibule space outside the tent.
  • Durable – Made from high quality materials, I can say this pop up tent can give you adequate protection from more unpredictable weather conditions.


  • Heavy - While not backbreaking, this tent is the heaviest option on our list weighing in at 3.9kgs.

4. Coleman 2-Person Pop Up Tent

The Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent is a popular pop up tent for festival goers and weekend campers.

This pop up tent can pitch itself in just seconds. Make sure to peg the tent to secure it to the ground.

It comes with a multi-position rainfly so you can adjust it depending on the climate you are currently at.

The top flap can be folded up when you want to do a stargazing session during the summer. There are also mesh flaps at the sides to catch the breeze.  The tent has multiple ventilation panels to allow airflow if you need to cover it with the rainfly.

There are storage pockets at the sides to keep your things organized.


  • Ventilation – You won’t have to worry about moisture build up in the tent as the Coleman pop up tent is generous with mesh panels and air vents.
  • Adjustable fly – Adjust the tent’s fly depending on the current weather. The tent can be fully covered during the rain and you can move it up to increase the airflow inside the tent.
  • Affordable – This budget friendly tent is ideal for festival goers or casual campers who understand that it may not last a lifetime.


  • Unstable – Make sure to secure this tent when you are at windy areas because it can wobble too much.
  • Zippers – There have been reports that the tent’s zippers break easily so be extra careful open the doors and mesh panels.

5. Malamoo Cicara 1.0 Pop Up Tent

The Malamoo Cicara 1.0 Pop Up Tent is a great compact pop up tent if you prefer to travel alone. The tent has a waterproof outer rainfly in case a sudden down pour occurs while camping.

The tent is made of waterproof polyester fabric. It has double walls with the interior wall made of mesh panels for ventilation.

It’s an easy setup given that it’s a 1 person tent and it boasts a setup time of just 3 seconds.

Release from the bag and by the time you blink it will be done. Always remember to peg the tent down once it has fully expanded. You can also use the guy lines on the tent to secure it.

The Malamoo Cicara 1.0 Pop Up Tent is a lightweight tent which makes it easy to carry around for camping trips or even more relaxed overnight hiking trips. Its pack size is compact giving you more room in your car.


  • Fast setup – The Malamoo Cicara 1.0 pop up tent claims that it’s setup time is 3 seconds.
  • Compact pack size – The tent folds into a small pack size which makes it easier to transport and gives you more space in your car.
  • Waterproof – The double walls give added protection from the rains because of the waterproof polyester fabric.


  • Poles – The poles are thin and have a tendency to snap. It’s best to make sure the tent is fully secured by the pegs and guy lines.

Things To Consider When Buying A Pop Up Tent

A pop up tents’ main advantage is that it saves the owner a lot of time setting up. You just get it out from the bag it will spring open and set itself up in seconds.

It’s exhilarating to see a tent set up in a few seconds, but like everything else, nothing is perfect. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of getting a pop up tent.

Fast Setup

As you can see from the name, these tents “pop open” when released saving you a lot of time from laying out the tent and inserting poles from all sides.

Some pop up tents open as fast as 2 seconds. It’s usually the smaller ones that open up really fast. The larger pop up tents may take a little longer to unfold but they are still a lot faster to setup than more traditional camping tents.

Word of advice: pick a wide spot when you open up your pop up tent. Make sure no one is nearby so you won’t hit anyone when the tent expands.


Aside from being easy to set up, pop up tents are also easy to pack and store. They are made to be compact and travel friendly so you’ll have more space for your other camping gear and supplies.

Popup tents are usually the tent of choice for festival-goerys and people lining up in queues for the latest iPhone release. They can easily fold up when the events are done.

Many pop up tents have additional items integrated in the design to lessen the number of items you need to bring along your camping trip.

There are pop up tents that have the guy lines and stakes added to the design. The materials used are mostly made of light and flexible materials.

Great Tent For Beginners

Pop-up tents are a great choice if you’re new in camping or if you’re casual camper. You don’t need to have the flashiest tent with a ton of features, rather you just require the basics such as keeping you warm at night and protecting you from the elements.

This is also a great tent for kids. Since most of the materials are already integrated in the tent, you won’t have to worry about your kids getting poked with the poles.

Entry level pop-up tents are affordable so if you just need a simple tent for your camping trips, this would be the ideal tent for you.

Difficult To Fold

You can take the tent outside so they can do outdoor activities. Bringing play tents along during camping or beach vacations which will give the kids a space to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors.

They can have small camp jamborees during your family outing with friends and family. The grownups can join in on the fun too!

Promotes Creativity

 Yes, popup tents are easy to set up and quick to pack up but can pose quite of a challenge until it “clicks”. Some tents have a complicated folding process that it can take a few tries to get it right.

With pop up tents, you can’t just fold it up in a random way, you have to follow a procedure to get it down and fit it in the bag. The instructions are always available on the tent bag, or come with a pamphlet on purchase. If you’re in a pickle we’ve always had no trouble finding instructions with a quick a Google search. (Hint – Type “[Your Tent Model] Pack Up” into Google and more often than not it is a PDF document)

Some pop up tents can be too hard to pack that people just leave them out in their backyards or rooms. It would be best that you have someone to help you fold it down to its compact size.

Limited Weatherproofing

Like I said, popup tents are ideal for camping but it’s still recommended you take it to places where there are no sudden weather changes.

Because the pop up tent needs to be compact and easy to open, there are features that the manufacturers have to forego such as heavy waterproofing.

Don’t get me wrong there are pop up tents in the market that are made to be used for camping or forest hikes but these features are often found at the premium price point.

If you’re at an open concert or a music festival in the middle of the desert, I would suggest bringing extra pegs and guy lines to secure your tent. Given the lightweight nature of these tents, if you don’t secure your tent you might end up losing it to the wind.

Our Pick

Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent Australia

Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent



One thing that we can all agree on is that the pop up tent’s main advantage is easy setups. There’s no need to fuss about which pole goes where. All 5 tents that we have reviewed shows how convenient it is to own one.

I would say that my winner for the best pop up tent in Australia would have to be the Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent. It’s a bigger and heavier tent but still does the job when it comes to a fast set up.

This tent can keep you well-protected thanks to the use of high quality materials. The Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent’s features are a great deal for your money as well.

I hope my review of pop up tents was able to help you become more familiar to these types of tents. Not all of them are made cheap and they can definitely be a comfort away from home.

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