The 5 Best Beach Tents and Shelters in Australia

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Shade Shack Beach Tent

Shade Shack Pop Up Beach Shade Tent​


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Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade Tent

Coleman DayTripper Beach Tent​


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Wandered Torquay Beach Shelter

Wanderer Torquay Beach Shelter​


There’s no doubt Australia has one of the best beach cultures in the world. There are a lot of great beach spots around the coast that’s perfect for beach enthusiasts and some of these even allow overnight camping. However, finding some shelter from the sun or using a beach tent is essential to staying safe. Some of these even allow overnight camping or double up as a kids pop up tent!

Beach camping is a great way to relax. The sound of the waves is enough to lull you to sleep. And sunsets are even more majestic at the beach. 

Be aware that not all beaches allow overnight camping so you should check with the beach rules and state laws.

Nevertheless, if you can camp or not, spending the time at the beach is beneficial for us. Just make sure you have a lot of sunscreen with you.

Quick Play Tent Comparisons

Neso Beach Tent Set Up On Beach

Neso Beach Tent



Shade Shack Beach Tent

Shade Shack Pop Up Beach Shade Tent



Wandered Torquay Beach Shelter

Wanderer Torquay Beach Shelter



Caribee Beach Shelter

Caribee Rapid Pop Up Beach Tent



Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade Tent

Coleman DayTripper Beach Tent



Our Review Of The 5 Best Beach Tents and Shelters

1. Neso Beach Tent

The Neso Beach Tent is a light weight beach tent manufactured in California USA. This popular tent is available in a variety of colors that will match your personality.

Setting up is easy as 5 steps. The anchor bags at the ends of the tent means you don’t need to bring weight to keep the tent from being blown off.

The tent is made of stretchable Lycra which means you can stretch the tent to cover everyone in your group. You can also adjust the tent to any angle you want rather than other tents.

You’ll be well protected from the sun because of the Neso Beach tent’s high UV Protection. The tent is also waterproof. No need to worry about the sun and the rain whilst you’re under this tent.

The tent only weighs 1.8 kg so it’s easy to carry around. It has a pack bag that you can sling on your shoulder.

Check the video below if you want to know how to properly set up the Neso Beach tent.



2. Shade Shack Pop Up Beach Shade Tent

The Sunshack Pop Up Beach tent is ideal for single people or couples who want to spend the day on the coast.

This tent is also great for kids to lie in while you’re busy dousing them with another coat of sunscreen.

Because of its pop up feature, the tent sets up in seconds although packing up can take a few tries.

The tent doesn’t come pegs to keep it from getting blown from the wind so you should put your belongings in it to anchor the tent down.

There is a window at the rear of the tent which allows the breeze to flow through the tent. This helps you to say cool inside the tent.

The UV resistant walls keep the sun from getting thru the tent protecting you from getting sun burnt.

Click the link below to check more details about the Sunshack Pop up Beach tent.



3. Wanderer Torquay Beach Shelter

The Wanderer Torquay Beach Shelter is also one of the more popular tents in Australia.

This tent is made of 185T polyester with UPF 50+ giving you enough protection from the harsh sun. The tent is also made of heavy duty polyester so you can trust its durability. It comes with sand pegs so you can stabilize the tent during windy situations.

It’s design look to like half of a regular dome tent. The instant Fiberglass frame makes it easy to setup the tent.

There are windows at the sides that you can keep open so you can let the breeze in or keep it close for privacy. Small storage pockets are available inside for you to put your sun screen in.

A floor extension can be rolled out so you and your beach buddies can comfortably lie down in the tent. You can also use the space for kids to sit on during mealtimes.

The Wanderer Torquay Beach Shelter comes in 3 colors. You can check out the designs on the link below:



4. Caribee Rapid Pop Up Beach Tent

The Caribee Rapid Pop up Beach Tent is another instant tent that we are featuring in this list.

The big advantage for this tent is the rapid set up. Just throw it in the air and it comes down all set. Packing up is not that hard. You just need to twist the sides and you’ll be able to put it in the circular bag.

This tent is light weight and small. It can only accommodate 2 adults in the tent. It only weighs 1.5kg which makes it easy to carry around.

The tent has UPF 50 and UV protection rating to make sure you well-shaded from the sun.

It comes with 4 sand bags so even though this is a pop up tent, you can still stabilize it by weighing the pegs down. 

The window at the back of the tent allows gentle breezes to come through.

You can get the Caribee Rapid Pop up Beach Tent at an affordable price. You can check it on this website:



5. Coleman DayTripper Beach Tent

The Coleman Day Tripper Beach Tent comes from one of the trusted tent brands today. You can rely that this tent is made from high quality materials.

Provides enough protection from the sun under the UPF+50 UVGuard material of the tent.

It has a durable fiberglass frame to keep it from wobbling around while you move around the tent. There are integrated sand pockets around the tent to help keep it down in case a gust of wind comes through.

This has enough space suitable for family outings. The porch area can be used as space to lie down or do other activities.

If you need some privacy, you can just zip up the porch area to the entrance of the tent. This is great if you need to change and there are no dressing rooms available.

There’s a window at the back of the tent so you don’t need to worry about not having enough air inside if you’re planning to close the entrance.

The tent also comes with a dry line where you can hang your wet clothes.



Things To Consider When Buying A Beach Tent Or Shelter

Some of you may think that beach tents are just accessories when you’re out at the coast but they are actually quite beneficial.

Beach shelters are not necessarily just for campers. It can be used by anybody. Let me tell you why beach tents are great.

Sun and Wind Protection

Being on the beach means getting a bit of sun. So it’s okay to get a little tan while you’re there. However, Australia has some of the highest rates of skin cancer cases in the world. So it’s important that you have some form of shelter with you.

The Coastal winds can be quite strong too so it’s great to have a place to hide away when the wind is too much to handle. We wouldn’t want to have our things getting caught in the wind or sprayed with sand. Imagine what a mess that would make.

Some beach tents come with extra stakes and tie down to keep it stable.

Having a beach tent for kids and toddlers keeps them from getting sand in their eyes or possibly eating the sand! A beach tent’s floor can keep the hot sand from burning up as well.


An advantage to having a beach tent is having a place to sit or lie down without being exposed too much to the sun.

You can use the beach tent as a place for the family to gather for meals or a nap area for the kids.

Some beach shelters have floor extensions so you can have more space for you and family.


Leaving your things out in the open for everyone to see can be a bit uncomfortable for others.

Nobody wants their stuff all over the place. It’s better to keep all of your belongings in one place.

With a beach tent or canopy, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on your things and keep everything organized.


Sometimes there’s a long line outside the beach dressing rooms or worse, no dressing rooms in the area. You don’t need to worry though, your beach tent can be your own private dressing room.

Since beaches can be packed with people sometimes, there may be a chance of strangers befriending you. That’s a good thing but we sometimes go to the beach for solitude so staying in your beach tent keeps the friendly strangers out. 


Beach tents are easy to set up since most of them are small and made of light materials.

There are other varieties of pop up beach tents that will only take seconds to set up.

They are also not bulky when you’re packing up.  A beach tent usually comes with a bag that is light enough to carry around. If you need to change your spot on the beach you can just pick up your tent and walk away.

The packed size of beach tents varies. They are mostly small enough to store in the boot of your car.


Beach tents, shelters or canopies are designed to primarily used on beaches. They are made to be used to the coast but that doesn’t mean you have to store the tent away once summer is over.

Beach tents are so versatile that you can use them for other activities.

Your kids can use them as a play tent at home. You can set games up in the tent or convert it as a movie viewing spot. Now that’s a good idea for their next sleepover!

You can bring the beach canopy or gazebo to a park for picnic or camping trips. Beach tents can be used as a social area for your outdoor activities.

No need to worry about getting a beach tent that will only be used once a year because I’m sure you’ll be busting out the tent even without going to the beach.

Our Pick

Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade Tent

Coleman DayTripper Beach Tent



Although it came last, I must say the Coleman Day Tripper Beach Tent tops my list. It has great features that suitable for beach goers.

I particularly like that the front porch/floor area can be zipped up to change into a room. It can be a bit annoying standing in line for the dressing room, so this is a great convenience for me.

It’s important to remember that to bring along a type of shelter or canopy when you’re out on the beach. It’s dangerous to be exposed for a long time and we wouldn’t want that to count as an experience during your beach trips.

I hope I was able to help you out with deciding on getting a beach tent. Have a great time on the waves!

Frequently Asked Questions About Beach Tents and Shelters

In 2020 we've determined that the following list is the best beach tent or shelter you can buy in Australia

  • Coleman DayTripper Beach Tent
  • Caribee Rapid Pop Up Beach Tent
  • Wanderer Torquay Beach Shelter
  • Shade Shack Pop Up Beach Shade Tent
  • Neso Beach Tent

Each beach tent, shelter or canopy has specific folding instructions. These can usually be found in a tag stitched to the tent itself or the carrying bag.

If you can't find the instructions then performing a Google search for your model of tent and "user manual" will more often than not show manufacturer sites with instructions or Youtube videos of other owners folding up their tent.

In Australia you can buy a beach tent locally at one of the retailers such as BCF, Anaconda, Target, BigW or Kmart.

You can also buy from online retailers including Amazon, Snowys and Tent World.

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