The Best 8 Person Tents In Australia

Premium Choice

BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 Tent

BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 Tent​


Our Choice

Coleman Instant Up 8p Gold With Fly

Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P Tent​


Best Value

Zempire Neo 8+ Person Family Tent Side With Fly

Zempire Neo 8+ Person Family Tent


I find group camping to be a fun activity with family and friends. It’s a great way to enjoy nature and bond with the people you like. The experience differs wildly if you all sleep in separate tents, or sleep in one large 8 person tent made for families or groups.

Although I don’t always camp in groups a lot, it’s an experience I’d like to do more often. I see families going to parks or beaches with their huge tents or meet a group of friends sharing a tent at a music festival.

That’s when I saw the advantage of big capacity tents. Everyone can fit in one big tent and the setup can be done with only 1 or 2 people.

Group camping is a great reason to bust out your new 8 person tent. It’s just the right size for groups of 6-8 people which is perfect for your family and friends.

These larger family tents have substantial variations in their design, compactness, and durability. We have researched and prepared out five best 8 person tents that you can buy in Australia.

Quick 8 Person Tent Comparisons

Coleman Instant Up 8p Gold With Fly

Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P Tent



BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 Tent

BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 Tent



Coleman Chalet 9 CV Tent With Fly and Awning Australia

Coleman Chalet 9 CV Family Dome Tent



Zempire Neo 8+ Person Family Tent Side With Fly

Zempire Neo 8+ Person Family Tent



Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Australia With Fly

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin



Our Review Of The Five Best 8 Person Tents

1. Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P Tent

The Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P Tent is part of the well-known Coleman’s Instant Up series. As the name suggests, It’s very easy to set up because the inner tent and the frame are already attached together.

For the setup, you should make sure that the center hub is facing upwards and then spread out the frames. You can then start extending the poles. They will lock themselves in place when they are at the appropriate length. The inner tent’s setup can take less than 10 minutes.

The tent has enough space for 8 people or two queen sized airbeds and has a peak head height of 190 cm. There’s also side awnings for additional space that’s perfect for your social and recreation activities.

The Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P Tent is made of heavy duty polyester fabric. The fly has a 3000mm waterhead rating so you don’t need to worry about the rain seeping through the tent.

When it comes to ventilation, the Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P Tent has a couple of mesh covered windows to allow the air to circulate the tent. There are also air vents at the bottom of the tent if you need to close the windows.


  • Quick setup – Because of the Coleman’s quick setup feature, you’ll be able to finish pitching this tent in less than 10 minutes.
  • Light weight – Weighing only 19.4 kg, the Coleman Instant Up Gold 8 person Tent is on the lighter end of the scale for tents this size.
  • Great value – This tent’s instant setup feature and light weight is a great value for your money.


  • Awnings – The awnings might pool water when the rains come so make sure to take them down when you see the rainclouds coming.

2. BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 Tent

The BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 Tent is a great option for your next family camping trip. This is a heavy duty tent capable of withstanding all 4 seasons so you can bring this along for about any Australian getaway.

The setup for this tent is fast and easy thanks to the tent’s hub pole design. You just need to pull out the \ lower poles, peg the tent down and push the center hub from the inside up and the tent will be able to stand up on its own. 

The main feature for the BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 Tent is that is built to handle extreme weather. It has a heavy duty PVC tub style floor that ensures protection against ground moisture and rainfall. The outer wall is made of a rip-proof polyester and cotton blend with a surprising waterproof rating of 5000mm. The fly and floor have taped seams for added safety inside the tent.

The interior of the tent is divided into two main sections. The rear is where you’ll find the bedroom and the front room is a comfortable living space which can also be converted to another bedroom at night. There is a separation wall that can be rolled to the sides during the day.

If you are on the tall side, this tent would be great for you as the peak head height is 200 cm.

The BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 Tent is an awesome tent that will stand the test of time and Australian’s weather conditions, however all this does come at a cost.


  • High quality – This tent is made of high quality materials that makes it extremely durable. The Blackwolf Turbo Plus 300 is the perfect tent to bring along to hiking and camping trip with friends no matter what the weather forecast predicts.
  • Spacious – The tent can easily accommodate 6 to 8 people. The Blackwolf Turbo Plus 300 Tent is an extremely spacious tent and the tent’s wide awning is a personal favourite feature of ours.
  • Weather proof – The impressive 5000mm water rating is one of the features that demonstrates the tent’s capacity to handle extreme weather.


  • Expensive – While costly, Blackwolf does stand behind this product with their own lifetime warranty.

3. Coleman Chalet 9 CV Family Dome Tent

The Coleman Chalet 9 CV Family Dome Tent is another popular tent from the Coleman brand. This tent’s strong point is its durability and ventilation.

As you can see from the name, this is a 9 person tent. But aren’t we talking about 8 person tents? Yes, we are but I had to add this to the list because this is an amazing tent.

This tent prioritizes ventilation through mesh roof panels, loose windows and the Coleman’s Circle Ventilation system. If ever the rain comes, you can roll down the external weatherproof flaps off the windows.

A bit of rain is no problem when you’re in this tent because the polyester-taped seam and heavy duty flooring helps keep you dry and comfortable.

There are a total of three rooms in the Coleman Chalet 9 CV Tent. On the two sides you’ll find bedrooms and the middle room will often be used as a living space and storage area. There is a skylight in the center room so you can have natural lighting in the tent.

The Coleman Chalet 9 CV Tent has internal organizer pockets for your small belongings and a cord management system which is excellent for keeping electronics away from sand and dirt.


  • Weatherproof – The Coleman Chalet 9 CV heavy duty polyester fabric and strong fiberglass poles makes sure that the tent can withstand a strong rainstorm.
  • Space – This tent is targeted for 9 people but it’s already a great deal if you want to squeeze 8 people in and still have space for storage.
  • Reasonably priced – The Coleman Chalet 9 CV target market is families and group of casual campers.


  • Setup – While not as quick-pitching as their instant up series, many hands do make light work. With a few extra helpers this tent could be pitched in 30 mins or less with some practice.

4. Zempire Neo 8+ Person Family Tent

The Zempire Neo 8+ Person Family Tent aims to keep you comfortable when you are camping and there’s a lot of space inside the tent.

Each room has an area of 6.2 sqm and the head height of the tent is 2.05 m which is more than enough space even for the tall members of the family. Both rooms can comfortably fit 8 people.

The tent has two rooms with the back room serving as the bedroom and the middle room as your living area in the day and bedroom at night. The front wall can be converted as an awning which extents the living space available.

There’s no problem with access in the Zempire Neo 8 tent with two large side doors and the front wall can be unzipped and made into another opening. Airflow in this tent is great thanks to the large side windows in every room.

The Zempire Neo 8 tent also packs a few modern luxury features like the storage pockets and lantern hooks.


  • Space – The Zempire Neo 8 Person Tent made sure that their tent has enough room for your family as well as your camping gear.
  • Easy access – With the two side doors and a front opening, getting in and out of this tent won’t be an issue.
  • Compact – The packed size of the Zempire Neo 8+ Tent is compact so it can easily fit in the car boot.


  • Poles – Not that the poles are low quality but make sure to keep an eye on it especially during heavy winds.

5. Core 9 Person Instant Cabin

The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin is a great budget tent with a speedy setup time. This tent is ideal for travelling families who want to setup as soon as they arrive in camp.

Frame is pre-assembled and already attached to the tent so you just need to spread out the tent and pull the poles up and the setup is done. You have the option to throw on the outer fly which is obviously recommended if it’s looking cloudy, however we prefer to leave it off when possible to increase the airflow.

This tent is spacious with a 9 man capacity, which makes it more comfortable for 8 people with room to spare to move around and store some personal belongings.

Like the previous tent we discussed, the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin has two rooms. You can use the first room as your living quarters and storage area during the day.

The tent has three large doors. Two D-shaped doors at the side and a T shaped door at the front that you can roll up to allow a nice breeze to keep the tent ventilated.

There are also large mesh windows around the tent that allows airflow but keeps the bugs and insects at bay.


  • Spacious – The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin is very generous in terms of space. Even the head height is quite roomy at 198 cm.
  • Fast setup – They say this tent can be setup in 60 seconds, but it’s definitely more of a marketing ploy. However, it should certainly take less than 10 minutes which is impressive given the size of the tent.
  • Affordable – For a tent with a 9 man capacity it’s certainly a great deal given that it has more space and easy to setup.


  • Outer fly – The outer fly doesn’t cover the whole tent so it’s best to use it when you’re fairly confident the weather will stay dry for the duration of your trip

Things To Consider When Buying An 8 Person Tent


If you’re planning on a long camping trip with a number of people, you would want to make sure that there’s enough space for everybody and everything.

It’s not exactly fun when all of you are stuffed in one small tent and the bond you had earlier with your friends will quickly disappear.

Getting an 8 person tent for your adventures can benefit a small group of people as there’s no need to bring additional tents in case the 5th person doesn’t have room. As with most capacity recommendations that come with modern tents, an 8 person tents is probably better suited for 6 people rather than 8.

Another factor for getting an 8 person tent is that you will have more space for your gear. You can bring along airbeds that can easily fit in the tent.

Great For Family & Kids

Having an 8 Person tent means you can keep the kids in one area. This benefits both the children and parents who are worried about having the kids sleep in a separate tent for the night.

There’s no problem with privacy since most 8 Person tents come with separation walls. You can have a good night’s sleep knowing everyone is safe inside.

Easy Setup

As the name suggests, children’s pop up tents literally jump open and ready to use. A kid might even think it’s a magic trick. All of sudden it’s there!

You can let your child setup the tent. All they need to do is to get it out from the bag and let it go. Just make sure your kid throws it away from them or else they can get hit when the tent expands.

Closing up the tent can be a bit tricky. It involves folding the tent, and some kids might not be strong to overcome the resistance or might force it resulting in damage. It’s recommended to assist small children and teach older children the proper way of packing it up.

Light Weight

They are considerably lighter than bringing along a 10 or 12 Person tent. The 8 person tent is just the right weight for your next camping trip.

A lot of people think that large capacity tents are heavier and bulkier. Modern 8 person tents are made of lightweight materials. This means that the 8 person tent will be easier to carry around.

8 Person tents come with a pack bag so you don’t need to fuss about the pegs and poles. It can all be packed away together and give you enough space in your car.

Newer models of 8 person tents are predictably easy to setup and take down which means you will have more time to enjoy other camping activities.

When you’re camping with family and friends, an 8 person tent would be ideal for your needs.

Reasonably Priced

8 Person tents are not as expensive as you think especially when you divide the cost by the amount of people you are expecting it to house at once.

There are a lot of mid-range 8 person tents in the market. You can still find cheaper 8 man tents but as always, quality and brand recognition affect the price. Depending on your use case it’s often worth finding that sweet spot between quality and affordability but there’s nothing worse than the tent’s roof ripping in the middle of the night because of slight wind.


Knowing that there are a lot of people who will be using the tent, manufacturers have to make sure that their tent is made of high quality materials.

They have to ensure their customers that these larger tents can handle different climates and should be able to handle various weather conditions including a bit of rain. Likewise, it should also be durable enough to block out harmful UV rays from getting in the tent during a sunny day especially when camping in Australia.

These tents are also capable of withstanding 3 or 4 different seasons, which means you can have the option of bringing along a larger capacity tent for hikes or camping in more unpredictable weather conditions.

Our Pick

Coleman Instant Up 8p Gold With Fly

Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P Tent



So are you excited to go camping with your family or a group of friends? After checking out the five best 8 Person tents in Australia, I would say the Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P Tent takes the cake.

The Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P Tent offers you enough protection from the elements, has a fast setup and is a great value for your money.

All 5 tents had distinct differentiating factors so by all means feel free to go with what would best suit you and your camping experience! Happy camping!

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