The 5 Best Kids Pop Up Tents In Australia For Fun and Easy Set Up!

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Rocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse

Rocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse​


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Kiddie Fire Truck Tent For Kids

Kiddie Fire Truck Tent For Kids​


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ActiveCampaign Pricing on March 2020

ZIXIZ 9 Piece Camping Gear for Adventure Set​


Keeping your kids engaged in the physical world is one of the challenges new parents face today. Finding a play kids play tent may be a fun way to unglue their face to screen.

 We are currently in the age where technology takes up most of our time. We, along with our kids, spend our free time with our eyes glued on our mobile phones or tablet.

We are aware that we hardly talk to each other and our children are more immersed in the digital world than the real one.

It would be a good idea to take the gadgets away from our kids and let them enjoy other fun and physical activities. But where do we begin? I can suggest one thing. Get your kids a pop-up tent, however if you are heading to the beach then we recommend a more tailored beach tent.

Quick Play Tent Comparisons

Rocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse

Rocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse



Disney Frozen Classic Hideaway Play Tent

Disney Frozen Classic Hideaway Tent



Alpika Kids Pop-up Tent Playhouse With Tunnel

Alpika Kids Pop-up Tent Playhouse



ActiveCampaign Pricing on March 2020

ZIXIZ 9 Piece Camping Gear for Adventure Set



Kiddie Fire Truck Tent For Kids

Kiddie Fire Truck Tent For Kids



Our Review Of The 5 Best Play Tents For Kids

1. Rocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse

This Rocket Ship Play Play Tent Playhouse will take you to the skies. It has a really fun design. The flaps at the side make it look like a real rocket to any kid. The other cool thing about this tent is that the stars are glow in the dark.

It has one front door that has a flap that rolls up to the top in case you’re little one wants to keep the doorway open.

The floor has a cool cockpit design, your kids can imagine that they’re riding the ship to space.

There are 2 circular mesh windows in the tent to ensure that the kids get enough airflow while playing inside.

The Rocket Ship Play Play tent is lightweight. It has a packing bag included making it easy for storage and travel.

The tent stands at 130 cm and has a 101 cm diameter it has enough room for your child and they can use the tent to put their toys in it.

Check out the link below to see the awesome design!



2. Disney Frozen Classic Kids Hideaway Tent

The Disney Frozen Classic Hideaway Tent is a hit for kids who love The Frozen Disney move and especially love Anna, Elsa and Olaf. The movie has been a worldwide phenomenon, and a lot of children are into Frozen.

It will be a nice addition for your kid’s bedroom. This can also be taken outside to the backyard or at the beach (because Olaf loves summer). You can even use this tent for themed parties or sleepovers.

This tent can be stored easily by just folding it flat and setting it aside in its pack bag. Your children can even pack it up by themselves.

It has a crawl through door that has a tunnel port to make the entrance a more fun experience for your kids. There is a play tunnel that you can connect to make the tent even more fun for the kids; however you will have to purchase it separately.

If you’re interested to get this tent for your kids, check out the link.



3. Alpika Kids Pop-up Tent Playhouse

The Alpika Kids Pop-up Tent Playhouse comes in an underwater design with a lot of fun sea creatures swimming around.

This tent has 2 entrances. One side has a flap entrance and on the other side there is a tunnel entrance. I like this design especially the tunnel entrance.

The floor of the entrance is padded so it’s protects your kid’s knees when they crawl in and out of the tent. The tunnel can also be folded back to the tent if you want to save space. But’s it way more fun to have the tunnel entrance out.

It has mesh walls near the top of the tent allowing airflow so your kids don’t feel too hot inside.

The Alpika Kids Play Tent Playhouse is quite big. It size is 57.15cm x 56.39cm x 1.52cm. The tunnel adds to its length but kids will love it. They see it as an added room for fun.

This tent is a bit higher priced that other play tents only because it is a lot bigger than the average play tent and the extra tunnel door is worth the cost.



4. ZIXIZ 9 Piece Camping Gear for Adventure Set

The ZIXIZ 9 PCs Camping Gear for Adventure Set is an all-in-one camping set that is ideal for kids who want to go on their little adventures (with the supervision of the old fellas of course!).

This set comes with a play tent, walkie-talkies, binoculars, a shovel and one water container. Perfect for your kids’ first camping set!

The tent has one entrance with a flap door that folds up to keep the open and airy. The sides are made of mesh for air circulation and also protection from the bugs.

Your kids will definitely enjoy this tent set and it will be great to teach them the basics of camping. This would be ideal for the annual family trips at national park and campsites.

The adults can join in on the fun too. They can guide the kids with their great camping adventure.

Even though there are a lot of items included, they are bulky especially the tent. The tent is very easy to setup, just take it out of the bag and let go. With packing up, a simple twist and fold will do the trick to make it compact.

I would say that this tent is a good deal given it has a lot of extra items included. The price is almost the same as buying one kid’s play tent.



5. Kiddie Fire Truck Tent For Kids

The Kiddie Fire Truck Tent for Kids can surely entertain both girls and boys. The bright colors will get them excited to get inside and pretend to drive the tent around.

The interior of the interior of the play continues the fire truck design. There are drawings of the hoses and other equipment found in an actual fire truck. This is great to educate your kids about fire trucks.

It’s quite large for a play tent. This has two sections. One in the front with 2 zip up doors. The space at the back can be converted into a ball pit to make play time more fun.

This tent is also very spacious. They can share the space with their friend or even with grownups. Just make sure you ask for your kid’s permission first or they’ll freak out mum and dad are in their tent.

There’s plenty of ventilation in this tent. The front side of the tent has a mesh cover that mimics a truck’s windshield. The top part of the back of the tent is open and the kids can play their kids while they play.

You can definitely bring thing tent along trips and vacations as the material is quite durable and waterproof as well as being light. You can just stuff it in the bag and you’re all set to go.

This tent is only available in the fire truck design and is quite budget friendly. Have a look at the tent features on the link below:



Things To Consider When Buying A Kids Play Tent

There are a lot of tents for kids you can purchase in Australia, but if you want things to be convenient, I would suggest that you go for a kids play tent. What’s so great about a instant up children tent? Keep reading to find out:

Light Weight

These play tents really aren’t complicated to set up. It’s made of light materials so these tents are easy to carry around. You can ask your kids to bring it along trips. It might even make them feel confident that they’re carrying their own stuff.    

Whether you’re off camping site or staying at home, a kid’s play tent can be stored easily. They don’t take up a lot of space so that makes it easy to pack in the car or sometimes in a bag.


Play tents come in a variety of designs and colors that appeal to all kids and are super quick to set up. Often they pop open themselves. There are also tents with unique shapes like a kids teepee tent and there are other tents that even have space for a ball pit!

Some tents are especially made for the outdoors so you can pitch them at the backyard for outdoor experience.

There are limited edition play tents in the market which are great for themed parties.  

The design choices are endless and there is sure to be one that best suits your needs.

Easy Setup

As the name suggests, children’s pop up tents literally jump open and ready to use. A kid might even think it’s a magic trick. All of sudden it’s there!

You can let your child setup the tent. All they need to do is to get it out from the bag and let it go. Just make sure your kid throws it away from them or else they can get hit when the tent expands.

Closing up the tent can be a bit tricky. It involves folding the tent, and some kids might not be strong to overcome the resistance or might force it resulting in damage. It’s recommended to assist small children and teach older children the proper way of packing it up.

A Fun Place To Learn

You can take the tent outside so they can do outdoor activities. Bringing play tents along during camping or beach vacations which will give the kids a space to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors.

They can have small camp jamborees during your family outing with friends and family. The grownups can join in on the fun too!

Promotes Creativity

Kids these days tend to spend more time on their gadgets that doing actual activities. Instant up tents are a great way for the younglings to get back in the real world.

Coming up with a fun scenario and lettings your children “own” this new tent will make their imagination go wild. Sell the fantasy to them and they’ll be forgetting about their gadgets in no time!

Another great idea to keep kids busy and engaged is to have them host tea parties in their tents or they can have a movie viewing with their siblings and friends at home.  

Budget Friendly

Most play tents aren’t the usual 4 person tents designed to withstand the elements of the Australian Bush, and so are fairly budget friendly. You won’t need to shell out a lot of money to get your kids a fun play tent. Sometimes you can even score tents that have special features or limited edition at an affordable price.

Our Pick

Kiddie Fire Truck Tent For Kids

Kiddie Fire Truck Tent For Kids



After checking these tents, I kind of wanted to be a kid again. They all have fun designs and they offer a space for kids to have fun and learn at the same time.

My favorite out of the 5 tents would have to be the Kiddey Fire Truck Tent for Kid. I loved how they designed the tent with all the details of an actual fire truck.

There’s a lot of space for the kids to play around and you can even put a ball pit in the back. Kids will feel safe in this play tent because of its open top.

The other tents are really cool as well. They are definitely designed to engage a kid to have fun. It’s a great place for fun and games and an easy item to set up and pack.

I hope you were able to get some tips for your family’s next fun time adventure.

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